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Justice​ • Do Enough

What we do matters. Ours is a tradition of engagement. We draw inspiration and truth from experiencing each other and the world around us. In doing so, we witness both the beauty and brokenness of our larger community and environment. There are many ways of engaging in this vital work: service, education, organizing, advocacy, lobbying, and witness. LUUP members engage in all of these.

Pride Parade

Annual Events

  • Earth Day Outreach - April

  • Pride Fest Outreach - June

Call to Action

Purpose-filled people create justice-driven communities. We are called to put our Unitarian Universalist values and faith into action to fashion a world that is peaceful, compassionate, just and sustainable. Our Principles are more than something we are committed to, more than shared values―they are a call to action. Come, help us make the world worthy of its children.

Our Justice-Making Initiatives

Food Donation Volunteers

Safelot Meals for Unhoused Neighbors

Twice monthly, Longmont UUs provide a nourishing dinner for families living in their cars in the HOPE Safelot program. Please sign up to make a dinner item for 12, or pick up a grocery item to share. We are welcoming new team members, for our regular meals or to make a freezer-ready entrée for 12. For more information and where to sign up, email


​The LUUP Peace Pod (Knitting 4 Peace)

1500 9th St, Room 10, 3-4:30 pm on the 4th Tuesday. Join the Peace Pod for an afternoon of making hats, booties, and other simple projects to donate to those in need. We have yarn, needles, and patterns to share. Find out more at the website For more LUUP Peace Pod information and where to RSVP, email


The LUUP Grows  
Community Garden

Saturday mornings 9:00 am during growing season at the Longmont Community Garden, email for more information.

Please come dressed for weather, and bring your own garden gloves if desired.  We will garden at any temperature, but not in active rain (or snow). Kids are welcome!  If you can't work, just drop by to say hi and see the plot.

The LUUP Community Partnerships
The LUUP may be small but it is mighty because we intentionally seek out and establish working relationships with community partners committed to making our world a better place. Our current collaborations:

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