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The Longmont Unitarian Universalist Presence (The LUUP) provides opportunities in Longmont, CO, that are both spiritual in nature and rooted in works of justice. We live out our principle of interdependence and bring Unitarian Universalist values into the world.  Longmont Unitarian Universalist Presence is building an innovative, multicultural, and multigenerational spiritual community. We are committed to intentionally creating opportunities that are engaging and collaborative.  Find out more about us.

LUUP Service and Supper

Longmont UCC Church,

1500 9th Ave., 5:30-7:00

LUUP Service and Supper happens each 2nd and 4th Friday. We begin with chalice lighting and service at 5:30, supper at 6:00, followed by all-ages activities, with spaces for quiet social time or free play. We end at 7:00. Whether this is your first time, or you were a regular LUUP dinner church participant - Please join us! 

Our suppers are part of our program, not a potluck.  We try to offer dietary options, but if you have special needs you may wish to bring your own.  These evenings are for all-ages and welcoming to persons vulnerable to covid.  We ask all to wear masks during the service and for activities indoors including the buffet line.  Supper, inside or out, will be unmasked so plan according to your needs.

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